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Social media use has become a daily and habitual activity for people of all ages. While there are appealing and even positive aspects to social media apps, their priority is to get as many users as possible and keep them engaged for long periods of time. This can have real mental health and behavioral impacts on users, including teenagers and children.

I’m a mental health therapist who currently works with college students and I was a K-12 school social worker for 10 years. Based on my experience, I know the impact and disruption chronic social media use can have on a person, classrooms, schools, families, and beyond. This is why I’ve created two resources that I’m making available free to use by therapists, teachers, school staff, universities, parents/caregivers, community workers, and anyone who wants to help others and themselves regain control of their life and mental health from social media.

This article contains information and a link to a slideshow presentation on social media and mental health that can be downloaded and adapted to meet the needs of your counseling practice, school, university, community center, family, etc. An accompanying self-assessment tool can help clients, students, community members, your children, and you gain awareness around social media use, set intentions, and create change.

Social Media & Mental Health Slideshow

The slideshow presentation consists of three sections and a fourth optional section where services and resources can be added by the professional or institution adapting it for their use. Below are the three sections:

  1. Creating Self-Awareness Around Our Social Media Use
  2. The Effects of Social Media on Our Mental Health and Well-Being
  3. Strategies to Regain Control from Social Media



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